Friday, December 26, 2008

with this ring..

While browsing through one of those secret-members-only-online sales (I think it was Hautelook, but I'm old and can't remember things too well.. Oh and send me an email if you're not a member and I'll send you a link!) I came across this cute little sterling silver ring. (See I'm so old that I can't even remember who the designer is!)

Anysenile, I thought it'd make a nice gift for my bridesmaids. I considered saving it until next year as part of their bridesmaids' gifts before the wedding, but I'm not good at keeping secrets so I decided it'd be fun to give to them for Christmas this year. It's really a pre-thank you for putting up with me for the next year!

They don't have to wear it during the wedding or anything but I just really liked how simple and sweet it was. So much so that I bought one for myself too. Isn't that shameful?

I should be thinking of others but really I'm constantly thinking of myself.

At least I admit the selfishness, right? Isn't that half the battle?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

one down

Golly! This wedding planning thing is a total snap!

Last week I said I was going to wait until these Pradas got to 60% off before I would buy them. Well lo and behold, Barneys must have heard my cries because they just got marked down!

Luckily, they had one last pair in my size. And I still had $60 leftover from a gift card!

Now my problem is deciding whether or not I can hold out a year without wearing these beauties. On the one hand, I should probably break them in. On the other hand, I don't want to ruin them at all.

My MOH made a good point though. She said if I wore these for the next 11 months, they'd not only be broken in but they could also be my "something old". You really can't fight with logic like that.

I wonder when the Oscar de la Rentas will go on sale... I'm just sayin'...