Sunday, June 7, 2009

i do

We picked our guy - Rev. Ray Van Winkle. Hunny Bunny and I aren't religious but Rev. Ray does non-denominational ceremonies. And he also married our good friends a few years ago and came highly recommended.

He seemed nice and very professional.

Our only criterion was that he didn't try to be funny. I mean, if something funny actually happens, of course he can adlib but HB and I went to a wedding a couple years ago and the officiant kept cracking lame jokes that no one understood. Yikes.

I have to admit that I felt a little queasy when we were sitting there looking over some sample vows. Ok. Maybe a little more the queasy. I wanted to yack. I have yet to revisit the book of vows that he emailed to us for fear of getting freaked out again. I think I'm more freaked out than HB!

We're getting married in exactly 5 months!!!

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