Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this and that

Hunny Bunny has given me free reign when it comes to registering for gifts. He concluded that I'll "be the one using all of that crap" and so he, in turn, does not give a crap what I buy. If only that were the case for all walks of life.

Anyagirlcandreamcantshe, I've decided that I will only register for dining/kitchen items because I like to buy bedroom and bathroom items for myself - not to mention the fact that I'm anticipating that most of our families will be giving us cash.


I figured that if I only register for a small(er) amount of gifts, then the likelihood of us receiving a whole bunch of mismatched items will be a lot less!

HB did however make one small request. He wanted me to register for this disgusting beach towel! Thank goodness he was just joking. I wouldn't have allowed it anyway. Yes. I am bridezilla.

Oneof my bridesmaids and I are making a day of it. Having breakfast, then pedicures, then off tell people what to buy me.

I mean us.


Rhondalei G. said...

Groody...ED FARTY! I am ashamed to say that I have a few shirts and some hats that I wear during my scrub days. SMH!

Mango said...

I will never understand the appeal of Ed Hardy. Should we get facials and makeovers to round out the day? :)