Friday, February 6, 2009


How cute is my mommy? For the last couple months, she's been fretting about whether or not she'd find a dress for my wedding. Errr.. You still have nine months.

Anyway, she called me with good news! She picked up not one, but two options on sale at Nordstrom.

Option 1: Simple silk dress with matching jacket in a lovely shade of blue.

Very elegant. Very safe.

Option 2: Hot momma wearing a slightly irredescent navy blue taffeta with a darling floral neckline. Perfectly echoing the rosette on my bridesmaids' dresses.

Very daring. Very Audrey Hepburn, no? Very va-va-voom - for my mom any way.

Gotta take the hem up a few inches though. Show some skin.

Mommy decided to keep both. One to wear to my cousin's wedding in July and the other to wear to mine!

Can you guess which one I'd prefer at mine?