Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I had a momentary lapse the other day and randomly ordered the J. Crew Matilda dress for my bridesmaids. Having never seen it in person, I just crossed my fingers and clicked away.. (It looks nicer on the model than it does on the mannequin.)

A daring move since the dresses were a final sale - it's always dangerous buying sight unseen but I had faith.

Luckily, the dress turned out to be very cute, if not a tad conservative. The color is a mustard-y color and when I showed them to HB, he was thrilled because apparently it was the exact color he was envisioning when I declared yellow and grey as our colors.

Did I mention that the dresses were only $40 each?

Now I need to find a florist so I can figure out how I want my flowers! I'm thinking white flowers wrapped in a delicious grey ribbon.


tam pham said...

nice work! very classy and chic. did the sizes work for your bridesmaids??? i'm always weary of j.crew's sizing.

Brooke said...

Lovely. So lovely in fact, I might just go buy the dress AND it's only $40!!!!


1 point for LRB!

Brooke said...

PS - Hope you're totally comfortable with me crashing your wedding in the exact dress your bridesmaids have on? Hehhehhhhheeeee (nervous laugh)

Hapalicious said...

White flowers with gray ribbon would be great! Or, even a super deep rusty red.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Cute the color!